It's spring break!

Maybe i'll update!

I'll update about springfest anyway

Okay, so yesterday was springfest

I got inside,
found Alexia,
i ditched her to walk around, but she didn't mind,
walked around with Janelle and friend whose name escapes me
walked around
Found sensei
Found Ashlee and Dan
Found sensei again (He fainted kind of !_!)
Ashlee gave him tickets for food
I got me an icey milkshake
We went to the shade and watched people
Found Shippo
walked around with Shippo
Tried to find various friends (Justin, William, Alexia, Janelle)
Found Janelle, she was leaving :(
Walked around some more
and more
and more
stayed in shade
found DDR booth and listened to music
Found Allegra (yayy!)
talked to allegra
Shippo and Ashlee went somewhere
Allegra and i danced to Dam Dariram (woo!)
Then we danced to paranoia something and failed.
Ashlee left :(
Shippo and me and Allegra talked
Me and Allegra had one more turn
waited a while for our last turn
got said last turn
We danced to Butterfly
We were pooped
We talked to Deshawn (i'm most likely spelling it wrong, sorry)
Shippo and Allegra danced to something
then we had to go
We dropped Allegra off with her mom
Then me and Deshawn and Shippo walked to the bus stop near the school and talked about Gay things
Walked to liquor store and saw hot guys (we saw a kissy-esque guy)
Deshawn said Shippo had no taste (hahah THANK YOU)
talked at THAT bus stop near the liquor store
Mike came and picked us up
we dropped off Deshawn
We went to taco bell
Shippo came over
We watched Monster Rancher (OMG TIGER I LUFF YOU)
We danced like crazy people
We got tired
We played Monster Rancher 2
We played KH2
Shippo attempted to beat xaldin
He failed
We went to Pridelands for the second time
I wasn't leveled enough so i just screwed around
Shippo had to leave
I tried to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, but i fell asleep too much
went to bed
woke up (Thought it was 12, but it was 10)
Now i'm waiting for teh PUs to wake up so people can come over!

Today's gonna rock.

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Normal Ryu

Cami's Mitsuwa Adventure!

Well, today was my first day back at school after i was sick -_-

and it went pretty well, all classes were easy.

and afterwords, i went to Mitsuwa with my dad!


Fun stuff happened.

well, i first went into Trendy as always and browsed, then i was bored of that and wandered back out...and what was on the TV?

Death Note.

the anime

Misa episode.

So, being the otaku i am, i was glued to it, and trying not to laugh because of Raito's Tamakiesque voice.
(they even had a segment at the end of the first episode i watched in which the voice actor did a Tamaki quote in Tamaki's voice, and then a Raito voice, and then a (haha) Lupin (the 3rd) voice.

yup, all the same guy

I had no clue what they were saying (hooray for reading the manga)

and OMG misa's voice is really cute, and Rem's is sexy.

So during commercial breaks i went into the book mart, which had been rearranged, so i found the new FMA book, and the newest Naruto books as well, i browsed the naruto books, because i'm waiting for english FMA, and i don't really care about Naruto spoilers.

I pull out number san juu ichi (31) and who was on the front? My two favorite akatsuki! Sasori and Deidara...and Zetsu, but he doesn't count

I couldn't flip through it, but i guessed both Sasori and Deidara were in it (which they were)

So i bought it (yay for parental units!)

annnd, Tobi's at the end.

I was happy to finally have gotten a naruto manga (for pretty cheap, too)

and it had my fave chars in it

Now to find a Kimimaro one.

so, that was my super awesome Mitsuwa adventure.
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