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The diaries of someone silly

Lost in Translation

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The Kawaii Chibi Alchemist
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I did not make this (awesome) animation, i yoinked it from here

Journal Layout by the wonderful= scarlette_eyes

I claimed Ed's neck, Wrath's chin and Episode 7


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Certificate of Marriage
This is to certify that
Edward Elric & Cami
were married on
November 24, 2005
Marry Your Favorite Character



All Ratings (besides the more recent ones) have been moved here

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I'm Isshin Kurosaki!


I finally thinned out my colorbars! The rest can be found here

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Have You Taken The Oath?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
created by: lil_lelio

by syunicons

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FMA is colorful love.
Created by spongy_anime

Full Metal Alchemist is chibi love

Edo fanservice is smex love.
made by mangatenshi

Ed is emotional Love

Blushing!Edward is OMG!!!1 SO CUUUTE love
Made by nausicaa83

Chibi Ed is love

Angsty!Ed is Love

Happy!Ed is Love

Edo is happy love

Ed is small like a bean Love

Ed is don't call me short! love

Ed is short love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Ed is dangerously angry when called short love
Made by: amoonlight

Edward is love.

Munich!Ed is Love

An cakewaltz creation.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Reno's Expressions are Pure Love

Reno is love.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Naminé is witchy love
Made by: sooper_kawaii

created by: beatlesfanf

Lost is love.

Skilled by: thereflections

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